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The Gutsy Entrepreneur
Unleash Your WINtuition to Realize Wild Success!

Successful business people know that utilizing their intuition provides a powerful business advantage. 
Integrate your intuition with your intellect and become a whole-brain thinker. Discover how to expand your INTUITION as a powerful and practical business resource for instant access to optimum decisions and solutions to challenges. Experience using intuition to access clear direction, focus and priorities to grow your business, so you can serve more people and make more money faster and easier. Learn the keys and techniques for expanding your vision, gaining specific strategies and a practical, prioritized roadmap to grow your business. Use the potent tool of intuition to access the fastest path to your highest business potential and turn possibilities into reality.
In this interactive session you will learn:
·    Strategies for quickly and easily accessing optimal business decisions with confidence
·    Top intuition tips for saving time, saving money and attracting more ideal clients
·    How to recognize your Inner CEO – your intuition - to gain vision, clarity and focus

WINtuition Sales Superpower Secrets
Ignite Your Intuition to Accelerate Sales and Amaze Clients
Discover how to use your intuition to tune in and know the answers to key sales questions such as how to attract more clients, what your prospects and clients want and need from you, and how they want it packaged and delivered.  Learn tips and techniques for using your innate knowing – your intuition – to attract more sales and connect with and satisfy your clients.

In this interactive and practical session you will learn:
·    How to determine the greatest opportunities for revenue, and when and to go after it
·    Tips and techniques for using your intuition to connect with clients and close more sales

·    How to project your best Brand Energetics to really connect instead of just communicating

Activate Your Success Body

Transform Your Fate into Your Destiny

Do you have plenty of great ideas for your business, but struggle with getting them out in the world?

Do you wish staying focused and on track was easier, so you can more easily make progress and have more fun launching and growing your business?

In Susan's inspiring and interactive 75-minute presentation, you will:

· Understand your Success Body

· Identify your 4 Potent Pillars of Power

· Fully activate your chakras to power up your business

· Raiseyour vibrational frequency and know how to maintain it

· Fuel your ideas with more energy so you can gain crystal clarity on your next steps

· Learn to turn your ideas into reality with ease…so you can transform your Fate into your Destiny!

Client experience:  The process itself was exciting, elevating and FUN!  I have been able to move on from an especially challenging time in my life and continue to take clear and inspired actions on my business projects and to clear any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clutter and let it all go!  My intentions are clearer and the results from my actions are having more impact on others by being of service through my business and personal life.” B.A.

Accelerating Entrepreneur Success by Personality Type
Enhance Your Business Connections to More Easily Enroll Clients
and Deliver Your Sought-After Services

Do you wonder why certain aspects of running your business look easy for others, but you struggle with them.  Do you wish you could attract more of your ideal clients and have an easier conversation to enroll them to work with you?  Have you wondered why the Pain Point selling you’ve been taught often doesn’t work?

This lively and fun program will help you change conversations into true connections by:
Amplifying your personal strengths
Identifying the personality type of your ideal clients
Putting them in their comfort zone by speaking their language
Understanding why they buy and how they want your services delivered

Speaker Reviews

“I’ve heard Susan Rueppel to speak a number of times on both her intuition and personality topics to various groups as well as engaged her myself to speak at my business networking group, for clients, for my industry mastermind group and for my American Business Women Association chapter. She provides valuable and practical content that has helped me and many others with their professional and personal insights and growth. Her presentation style is lively, engaging, though provoking, and fun.”
Amanda Johnson, Sacramento

“Susan is a compelling speaker who really knows how to get and hold the attention of her audience.  Her presentation on Understanding People through Personality was a big hit at our women’s business organization luncheon.  Our members and guests were completely engaged in the presentation and left having learned useful information about their own personality type, how to gage the personality types of others and how to effectively use the information to promote better communication in business.”
Karen Penfold, Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

“At a recent business event I attended Susan Rueppel was asked to step in on the spot and be the speaker. I was impressed by the way she was able to step up with no notice. She set a great example for people to be well prepared with a signature talk that they can easily step in and present themselves as a knowledgeable expert and someone who gives value as she did.”
Frank Pizza, Speaker Trainer and Wellness Consultant

Some Past Audiences

Susan has presented these topics for technology and law firms, sales teams, mastermind groups, client groups, eWomenNetwork Success Institute, eWomenNetwork Leadership Teams, eWomenNetwork Accelerated Networking Events, the American Business Women's Association (ABWA), the West Side Women In Action Annual Conference, and more.

Downloadable Photos

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. Photo

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. Photo

Susan's Shorter BIO

In today’s business climate, it’s important to utilize all the resources at our disposal to grow our business.  Susan Rueppel, Chief Intuition Officer™ and Destiny Doula, is an international Business Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, author, speaker and trainer who shows entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals practical ways to use intuition as a powerful resource to grow their business. In over 20 years as a professional intuitive, she has helped thousands of clients expand their vision and gain clarity, focus and confidence – through specific strategies and a prioritized path forward.  Her mission is to raise global consciousness by teaching how to ignite intuition to illuminate and accelerate our highest potential through our work in the world ~ making our purpose and passion more profitable.

Susan's Longer BIO

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D., Chief Intuition Officer™ and Destiny Doula is an international Business Intuitive, author, speaker and trainer who shows entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals how to grow their business. She supports clients in expanding their vision, gaining clarity, focus and confidence through specific strategies and a practical, prioritized path forward. 
Your business has a mind of its own. Let me help you know what it has to say.
Intuition can be used to access the innate intelligence of your business for optimum direction, best decisions, and solutions to challenges. Illuminating clear, focused action it provides a powerful business advantage to grow your business, serve more people and make more money.
Susan blends her 20 years as a professional intuitive with her business acumen from 20+ years in corporate America to provide immediate answers for tangible results in business. She makes intuition practical and accessible for powerful results in all areas of business and life. She is also co-author of the book Entrepreneur Extraordinaire - Top Experts Share Their Secrets to Business Success.
Client feedback: “Increased profits, new services, and laser-targeted branding are just a few of the benefits that have come from working with Susan. She revealed insights on rebranding and repackaging my existing services and new potential markets to focus on…providing more comprehensive and value-based service packages for my clients. This one insight doubled my income in one year!” ~ Tania von Allmen
Susan has a private practice in Sacramento, California and internationally by Skype offering Intuitive Business Accelerator services, group programs and training. See her web site  
It’s important to use all the resources at our disposal to create businesses where we can express our purpose and passions, serve many people, and create abundant income. It’s time we recognize and activate our innate human potential of intuition and apply it to business in focused ways to see our path clearly, and more easily turn possibilities into reality.

To see more details about Susan's work go to About Susan

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