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 Social Mission - Compassion in Action 

My WHY for my Power Pivot - Focusing on my social vision, mission and activism.

Those of you who know me know that I am continuing to - FUN-size my business.  And to answer the question most people ask…NO I am not ‘retiring.’  I am making a Power Pivot.  I am REFIRING!  I am fired up and refocusing my time, energy, skills and expertise on my evolving passion, which will become part of my legacy.

A few years ago I received an intuitive message from the innate intelligence of my business that although I have made great positive impact in the world through my work with my clients, training and speaking, that it was time to step up to making an even greater impact in the world.  And, of course, the universe delivered in divine timing the way for me to make that happen.

Now instead of my work being about helping others bring forward their creation (their business and/or or social mission), I’m helping bring forward Chill Center, Inc. and its programs as part of my own creative vision – my social activism passion project.

My social mission, passion and legacy is expressed through being deeply engaged with one of my best friends Laura Hansen, in bringing more compassion to the Sacramento region where we live, and in doing so bringing more compassion to the world.  I am a Compassion in Action Strategic Board Advisor and Compassion Ambassador for Chill Center Inc., a 501 (c) (3) educational organization.  This role allows me to bring my systems and processes design, development, implementation and documentation expertise to co-create new programs including Compassion in Action Community Gatherings online (and in-person again when the time is right), Compassion Ambassador Training, Compassionate Business Certification Program, Peace Pole Gardens Project, and much more.


It’s a very exciting time because of being part of the positive impact a dedicated group of volunteers can make.  It’s also fun and enlivening because it’s an environment where I can bring all of me to the table:  my business acumen from the corporate world, my business owner savvy, my Business Intuitive and energetics skills, and my knowledge of Personality Dynamics.  And…I’m also learning a lot and meeting amazing people along the way.

If you are interested in what it’s about and perhaps volunteering to bring more compassion to your own community check us out.  Details and links below.

Chill Center, Inc. AKA Chill Sacramento
is an educational nonprofit dedicated to personal and community well-being. The training and practice that helps a person find their strength, their voice and their leadership is the same training and practice that helps a neighborhood be healthy, safe and equitable. And, we have a variety of personal development and community well-being programs such as the Compassion Ambassador and Life Mechanics programs. We’re in communities, schools and businesses.

Vision:  Healthy, safe and equitable communities in which all residents feel that they belong and participate as volunteers, artists, activists, leaders, neighbors and friends.

Mission:  To give individuals and communities the tools and connections to resources they seek for making decisions that serve their individual and collective good – including perspectives and practices for personal wellness and development, cultural understanding and celebration, volunteer resiliency, servant leadership and neighborhood economic activation.

Sacramento joined the International Compassionate Cities Initiative on July 25, 2017.  Sacramento City Council passed a resolution drafted by Compassionate Capital Region.  Through this resolution, Sacramento joined the Charter for Compassion with over 200 cities in near to 50 countries participating worldwide. 

Key programs that are volunteer focused:

Compassionate Capital Region (CCR) is a resource for building caring communities at the grassroots level in collaboration with city and county government in the seven counties of Sacramento, Yolo, Sutter, Placer, El Dorado, Yuba and Nevada.

Compassionate Sacramento offers Compassion Ambassador Training for adults and youth who can then go on to serve a neighborhood, school, organization or group.  District Compassion Ambassadors each serve the residents of one of Sacramento’s eight City Council districts.  They help cultivate relationships between stakeholders, inspire collective action for the greater good, and advocate for equity in all environments.

Our Foundational Philosophies and Practices

Peace Within Us. Peace Between Us. 

Chill Sacramento is a vision shared by many: a safe, neutral space where you can discover and explore yourself, find common ground with others, and learn how to participate in creating communities of belonging. 

We are realizing this vision through educational activities that focus on sharing perspectives and practices for personal wellness and development, cultural understanding and celebration, volunteer resiliency, social innovation and servant leadership. 

Joyful Work is a foundational element and practice of Chill Center, Inc.:  When we do work we love and we know makes a difference, we feel joy and fulfillment.  Joyful work is a core value and practice of Chill Center, Inc.  We believe each individual act has value when it connects to the larger shared vision and contributes to creating a world of caring communities.  As we work together we do so with openness and discovery, acknowledging everyone’s unique contributions and inspiring each other as we go.

Susan Rueppel
Board Strategic Advisor & Compassion Ambassador, Chill Sacramento
Peace Within Us. Peace Between Us.
501(c)3 educational nonprofit

Learner | Connectedness | Maximizer | Intellection | Ideation

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D., Chief Intuition Officer® and Destiny Doula is an international Business Intuitive, author, speaker and trainer who helps entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals use intuition to grow their business. She assists clients in expanding their vision, gaining clarity, focus and confidence – by providing specific strategies and a prioritized path forward. Clients receive immediate, intuitive answers for tangible re$ults in business. Susan works online internationally offering private Intuitive Business and Social Mission Accelerator Services, group programs, training and mentoring.

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