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 RESOURCES - Gifts for my clients 

Leaving a legacy for the intuitive entrepreneur
The “Virtual Susan” Toolkit

I took a deep look at how I want to complete working privately with clients while making available decades of resources and leaving a legacy of intuitive entrepreneur best practices for my clients.  I decided to gift you with two types of support:

1) This tool supports you in asking yourself and your intuition the questions – and finding the answers – that are critical to your business success --The WINtuition Self-reflective Business Success Scorecard (below).  The questions in the Scorecard were developed based on over 5,000 hours of Intuitive Business Accelerator Consultations, Personality Dynamics Consultations, and Activate Your Success Body Consultations & Healings. 

2)  Legacy resources (below) developed over the years that my clients have found helpful to evolving your businesses.  Think of these resources as a business support toolkit.  Enjoy these 35+ complimentary (no sign up required) resources and check back on occasion as I will be adding additional resources over time.

These gifts will be like having a virtual-Susan to continue to support you.  My clients tell me that they often ask themselves “What would Susan say?”  I chuckle and remind you that it’s more about what the Innate Intelligence of your business (and your body) has to say.  So you can ask instead “What would my business say?”  The Scorecard and resources will help you with that inquiry.

Please know that even after we are complete working actively together, I continue to be a member of your Soul Team and that I see you, I believe in you, and I support you.

See my Social Mission page for info on my Power Pivot.

I created this complimentary
Self-reflective Business Success Scorecard
for you

In business, as with many things, the more clearly you perceive it, the easier you can achieve it.  This Scorecard is to support you in being inspired and in focused action to make the positive impact in the world you are here to make with your business, and because
“The only measure of what you believe is what you do.”  Ashley Montagu

The focus areas and questions in this Business Success Scorecard were developed based on over 5,000 hours of Intuitive Business Strategy Consultations, Personality Dynamics Consultations, and Activate Your Success Body Consultations/Healings.  They reflect the areas clients have affirmed as critical to their success.  I’ve repeatedly seen (and experienced myself) that business success relies on what I call the Trifecta:
an integration of business acumen, intentional intuition and personality dynamics.

Self-reflective Business Success Scorecard (.doc version)

Self-reflective Business Success Scorecard (.pdf version)

Download, reflect, be inspired and evolve

Here are complimentary (FREE!) no obligation

in the order as shown in the Self-reflective Business Success Scorecard
Please note:  NO email signup is required.  Just download and enjoy

The Big Picture

Business Finances

Personality Dynamics®

All of the resources below are based on the brillliant work of Carol Ritberger, Ph.D. with whom I was certified to teach the Ritberger Personality Method® and use her instrument the Personality Color Indicator®

Intuition and Energy

Chakra Activation

Archetypes (Bonus!)

  • Two of my favorite authors / books on archetypes
    Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss
    Transform Your Fate into Your Destiny by Robert Ohotto
  • The Perfectionist Archetype – shadow and light aspects (.pdf)

Susan Rueppel, Ph.D., Chief Intuition Officer® and Destiny Doula is an international Business Intuitive, author, speaker and trainer who helps entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals use intuition to grow their business. She assists clients in expanding their vision, gaining clarity, focus and confidence – by providing specific strategies and a prioritized path forward. Clients receive immediate, intuitive answers for tangible re$ults in business. Susan works online internationally offering private Intuitive Business and Social Mission Accelerator Services.

For more information see Services and An Interview with Susan

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